Be There


Well I realize that it may have been easier for more to use pictures for this assignment I decided to go with a drawing. This comic represents the story of someone who has been friends with someone for a long time and is always there yet never is seen as more then a friend till he takes a chance. Well the story is only three panels I prefer to see the first two as a repetitive cycle and the third being the end to the cycle. Well the story may not be complex or pretty I enjoyed creating it as it was a interesting story to me.

Sperm Donor

IMG_7557I actually thought of this joke a while ago. When telling it to people, the idea where a sperm whale would satisfy both of their desires really set in. That’s why I chose to show that text for an entire scene. It was also to give a little sense that them seeing the sperm whale takes place later. The hardest part of this assignment was the idea behind the comic. Once I could solidify the idea as a comic, it became the challenge to decide what the most important elements of the humor were so that they could be distributed appropriately into the three scenes. Another challenging aspect of this assignment was the brevity. Typically in other writing assignments given in writing classes, there is the general idea that longer and more explanation is better. In this case, however, that is not true. Adapting to that change was interesting but allows for more creative interpretation than formal writing does.


F off

the gays

Basically when choosing how this short comic would go, I just recalled my experience when I took this picture. I was walking down Seattle after watching a baseball game when I saw a guy chanting the type of things a gay hater would say and someone that believes that “America is doomed” and all those crazy things. Everyone at first was not giving any of the things the guy said any meaning and just carried on until a couple got in front of him and started to make out. Everyone around me was cheering and I couldn’t believe that I captured a moment like this; both funny and impactful. This is what I tried to portray which was everyone just carrying along and then these two guys come up and basically tell this guy to f off. My only difficulty was being worried about the language I had to use to describe this moment but all I did was censor the words.


Four Eyes

After reading the assignment for this sketch, I started looking for everything in groups of three.  I noticed the number of posters on my friends dorm room walls, stacks of drawers under beds, countless hanging lights, etc.  However, nothing stood out in terms of creating a narrative. It wasn’t until I was sitting at my desk, when I noticed several photo booth pictures pinned to my bulletin.  Each picture came with an expression and the idea stemmed from there.

I have to admit I struggled in the beginning with this assignment. I was a bit discouraged, because the previous sketch assignments came to me fairly quickly.  I think this was in part due to the fact that we had to find or create the artistic visual as well as a narrative. As opposed to being given a page from a book, or using notes to create a visual image.


Sketch 5: Oops!


The CLASSIC banana peel.

This was, indeed, a surprisingly difficult concept to grasp. You see so many of these examples in classic Sunday comics that you feel like it should be super easy to grasp. However, upon even attempting to think of an idea, I was immediately stuck. Did I want to go darker, like I saw with A Softer World? Or did I want to go lighthearted, such as with the comic strip Nancy? After a lot of thinking about beginnings and endings, I decided that lighthearted would be better.

The theme was settled. I was going to go for a funny, happier look. Bright colors and poorly drawn figures would resonate better than if I tried too hard to make it a realistic setting. Originally, I was going to settle for stick figures to make it as simplistically lighthearted as possible, but I decided that, in the end, it would be too easy to do so. So I went with drawing bald, thicker stick figures instead.

But I was still struggling with the story. What did I want to happen? I kept running through other ideas about food, sleeping, or anything that everyone does on an everyday basis. But nothing was coming to mind. Or, at least, nothing that was satisfying. But then, I suddenly was reminded of bananas. It is amazing how the human mind can randomly think of something and spark an idea out of it. I decided that a banana slip joke would be ideal. It’s classic, funny, and easy. Right?

Not quite. What would I do with this banana? Someone would slip, yes, but how would you end it? So I decided to take a route that was somewhat unexpected. Falling off a cliff from a banana peel is not the sequence of events many people imagine, so I decided to go for a little humor in the ridiculousness of the situation. This concluded my thinking process, and I finally decided on the story that would emerge.

I decided to experiment with the brush tool for the background, as I noticed that it made it more light and insignificant, which is what I wanted for a background. Overall, I’m alright with how it turned out, but it seems too sloppily done. I’ll have to experiment further as time continues.

This assignment felt somewhat similar to the literacy narrative that we had to do, simply because we had to have a beginning, middle, and end. But like the literacy narrative, the end isn’t really the end. It’s an open ending. You can imagine that the story ends anyway you like, but without it being printed out, can you really be sure?




Probably the most difficult part of creating this sketch assignment was deciding what to draw and how to chose a story that will fit in just three frames. I spent a lot of time just looking around me and trying to pick one object and write a super-short story about it. However, suddenly I recalled one post that I saw on some website a long time ago. There was a comment “I would do anything for you, I would even step on a Lego!”. I thought it would be funny to use this idea and create a conversation of a couple where the boyfriend proves his love by saying that he would step on a Lego for her. I found the idea of using only 3 panels challenging, but great due to the fact, that it made me think of something relatively creative and not to spend time and space for useless material. Overall, I think it was very engaging and interesting experience.


Photo: by me


Esca-pea 1

Esca-pea 2When trying to come up with an idea for my triptych comic, it took me ages to think of something that I was happy with. I had lots of ideas for three-panel narratives, however, it took me a while before I was happy with the final pun. My mother is absolutely crazy with her sayings, and because she visited last weekend, some of her mad lines are still stuck in my head. I think that she probably influenced this triptych a lot. Esca-pea is definitely something that she would say at the dinner table!

Once I had decided on the narrative, I found it quite easy to draw the images. I did a couple of rough sketches before, just so I had an idea of the angles and how I would make it work, but the images are pretty simple. I almost didn’t add colour to my drawings, however, I am glad that I did because I think the second version of my triptych is much brighter and more fun than the second.

Crafting this sort of comic strip was different from other writing I’ve done this semester just because it was so short. For example, my literacy narrative draft was over 1000 words – this has 5 words in it. The triptych is also different because the words do not make sense without the accompanying images. If it was just the text alone, no one would understand the joke, however, if I hadn’t have included a picture of me falling asleep reading a comic in my literacy narrative, the words would still have made sense.

Overall, I enjoyed the limitations of only having three images because it really made me think about the value of everything that I included. I would find it hard to repeat this task again and again though as I think I would run out of ideas.


Screenshot (9)

In this sketch, I decided to try to make a Tryptich on how I made my Tryptich. For this project, I had struggled with choosing definitive concept. The first concept I came up with was the traffic light, where each colored light had a quote about its color and last panel ending with a joke. I thought it was too blend and I went back to drawing random concept. Some of them were blend and horrible, and others were hard to make into to production or complicated. Then I came up with this Triptych where I used prize wheel to describe my process of making this comic. The last panel shows the panel where dart has landed. In that panel the comic is embedded on it. I think its minimalistic and does its job.

Sketch 5 (triptych)

I honestly had no idea where to start with this sketch assignment.  In my head I tried to think of play-on-words and how I could make them into comic strips.  I read and reread the assignment multiple times hoping it would just come to me.  Once I came up with the idea to use a “knock-knock joke” I thought I would do something with the famous “orange you glad I didn’t say banana” line.  However, I did not know where the flow and stages of the comic would go besides that.  Then, I came up with this “who’s” “who” “hoo” word jumble.

It was a challenge to decide whether or not the owl should be seen in the panel where he answers the question of “who’s there.”  I did not want to show that it was an owl until the last panel even though the answer of “hooooooooooo” does this job.  Then, I had to decide whether the lady inside the house would answer with “hoo who” or who who”.  This would indicate whether or not she could differentiate the words and whether or not she already knew an owl was outside.  I purposely went with “who who” and drew a very surprised face in the end to show she was not expecting the owl.  While the reader knows it is an owl from its previous answer, that is taking place outside the house purposely covered from the lady inside.  IMG_20180225_0001default

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