For this project, I tried to simplify the process of converting 3D object into game ready models. It can be a complicated process, but I felt it was hard condensing average 3 hours of work into a sheet of paper. There are a lot of process in conversion. There are finding the actual model itself, manually painting texture on to the bone of the character for movement to be fluid, and hoping that upload of the character actually works. The drawing was also hard to accomplish since my hand drawing is awful. But this was the result for this sketch.

Mapping Spinning

Screenshot (19)

I decided to use similar inforgraphic I used in the SK10 assignment. The infographic uses the point system so you can see points for each sections of the chapter. The total point also demonstrates which chapters contains significant events or not. It was a bit difficult to use this point system since there were lots of variables, but it was managed.

SK 10

Screenshot (16)

In this sketch I tried to make two list of schedule graph. One for Monday and Wednesday and one for Tuesday and Thursday. I believed that this would be good idea for this sketch since the schedule is different for two pairs. I don’t think this is the accurate data, but it is good enough for estimate. Doing this project was interesting since I was able to see the pattern of my schedule on weekdays.

Palestine and Pyongyang Reflection

Writing this essay was a bit difficult for me. In my previous experience, I only had to worry about how the author used his text to express his idea. But in this case, I also had to worry about the art style. It is an odd feeling since I always considered the graphic novel as second-tier literature, but now it changed my mind. The art style of both books is vastly different. I believe that pictures increase the tool for the author to use in their novel. The result can vary. Each book had pros and cons in their way of displaying the texts and graphics. It was hard yet interesting experience since it was my first time writing a comparison essay/vignette about a graphic novel, but it felt fresh since it wasn’t a conventional novel.

Link to Essay: Essay Link


Movie Image


Imitation Image


The movie I have parodied is Ready Player One. The movie is basically about virtual reality. I thought it was good idea utilizing the headset I had since I have felt love with it recently. I did not like the outcome of the image since I wasn’t able to have a similar type of clothing and camera angle. However, I did like the similarity of dirty background both pictures have.


Screenshot (11).png

In this sketch assignment, I had hard time deciding what kind of image to create. By looking through examples, I wasn’t sure what kind of original image that I wanted to create. Eventually, a random thought came to my mind and created this image. One is a top half of light bulb, and one is bottom half a person. I thought it worked since the image of a person I chose is from Youtube channel called Vsauce where interesting topics are discussed. I chose the light bulb, not to be rude, because he was bald. I was trying to make an image that makes sense in a context while trying to put some humor into it.



In this sketch, I wasn’t sure what to draw for the comic. Naturally, I do not talk to stranger because of my habit. I generally found it uncomfortable. Although I did try to find a moment to initiate random conversation, it was avoided since they were already talking or sudden events happened. I did manage to communicate with one stranger throughout my break, but that was only when I saw airport worker waving to me from outside the plane. I could have turned that into a comic, but I believed it lacked conversation and reason to turn it into a comic. Only thing I was able to do is make a comic about my experience during the spring break.

Reflection of Tracing Maus

This project was a bit difficult for me since it is my first project about visual novels. Sure I have written countless book reports and summary for school assignments, but visual novel is the first time. While struggling in the conventional style of reading letters, it was hard to analyze the author’s intention when pictures, frames, speech bubbles, and other concepts are also mixed within it. But I found this to be a refreshing experience. I never studied deeply about visual novels. As many people believed that visual novels are just kids thing before, I never knew it could deliver such deep storyline. Some of the content in this project will show my lack of skill, but I am glad about that since I found a new deep world of visual novels. For a person who only analyzed words, looking at the picture gave me fresh look towards the world of literature. It truly gave reason to relate to this famous English language-idiom, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Tracing Maus Project (Link to Landing Page)

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