Sketch 9: (Trying to) Recreate a Movie Scene


I was not a fan of this assignment.

I don’t watch movies, TV shows, or anything really. I kinda just stick to YouTube and things like that. So when this assignment came up, I knew I’d have to think hard about what I could do.

Everything that came to mind was an animation move/show/whatever. And the issue with that is that most of the objects in those movies feel so abstract that I couldn’t make any real world equivalents.

So I thought and thought more and more. The deadline came closer and closer. Still nothing.

It took having to email Professor Morgen before an idea even came up, and I still had to think about how to execute it.

This was really a huge struggle for me, and I would’ve absolutely loved if drawing could’ve been incorporated. Perhaps it’s just because my creativity may be limited to creating things, not utilizing things. I would like to think that’s not the case, but only more exercises can really indicate how true this is.

Recreate a Movie Scene: McHoovin

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 10.30.02 PM

I found this assignment to be quite fun! I had originally planned on recreating a scene from the Lion King: the scene where Simba is being lifted up into the air. But my friend wouldn’t let me borrow her dog, so I had to continue brainstorming. Eventually, I recalled this scene from one of my favorite comedies: Superbad. I always thought this scene was hilarious, especially because of Christopher Mintz-Plasse and his iconic awkwardness. Luckily, my roommate happens to be a photographer, so he was really helpful when organizing this shot. Though unexpected, I do feel a sort of deeper connection to this movie now, or at the very least I’ve created a memory that I will always attached to this film. Lastly, I do attribute a bit of irony to this submission, because I may in fact be the only member of this class who is of legal drinking age!



When I was thinking about this assignment, I could not decide which movie scene to recreate. I talked to my roommate and we decided to choose this scene from the movie Twilight. We chose sweatshirt that was similar to the one in the original photo. We used the whiteboard as our background and the main object was this red apple. Overall, it was very funny to do it because we had to take more than ten photos and we were laughing after each of them as we could not get the right position oh either hands or the apple. Therefore, as it made us laugh and forget about other work to do for a few minutes, I enjoyed this assignment.

Red Writing Hood

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 7.38.16 PMred riding hood

I saw my friends’ red riding hood cape and the rest was history.  She also happens to be blonde so it worked out well. I used flash to try and make it brighter like the snow.  The part I was unsure of was choosing a background, so I played it safe and went with a plain background.

Sketch 9 Reflection

I order to decide which scene I was going to use, I simply searched “famous movie scenes” on Google Images for inspiration.  While browsing through, I saw the “thunder buddies” scene from Ted.  I thought, since they were swearing in the moment, that this would be pretty edgy.   Also, I believed that it would be rather comical.  So, instead of putting myself in the picture, I asked one of my funniest friends, Merrick, to be in it because I knew he would portray the image significantly better than I would be able to.  Clearly, a hinderance to this assignment was the lack of exact materials, vivid cameras, and CGI.  However, I made it work by using a stuffed animal that resembled a teddy bear.  Though this assignment was brief, it was one of the most fun.  This is because it involved looking to replicate a move rather than just draw a sketch, so it enabled me to look into a different form of art for the “sketch” assignment.

Recreate a Movie Scene

image2image1 (1)

When trying to come up with a movie scene to recreate, I figured it would be best to use a scene from a movie on a college campus because it would be easiest to recreate. This made me think of Animal House, and when looking through the stills of the movie, I figured this would be the best scene to recreate. I had fun with it because it’s just a goofy thing to recreate.

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