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I made this assignment while still hungry so of course this the direction that I went in. I tried to think about foods that could be broken down and reassembled. Naturally, the American classic cheeseburger came to mind. When assigning which parts of the burger correlated to which parts of the class I tried to think about what each aspect adds to the burger and see which parts of our class had a similar impact. For example I see Maus as the pivotal and majority of the class so naturally it would be the meat.

Tracking me

What I decided to look at what how my sleep and Tv watching were associated. I did this mainly by trying to calculate how much tv or other forms of tv I watched approximately compared to how much sleep i was getting. I wanted to see this data as I was interested to see how my TV habit effected my sleep. This was a interesting thing to look at as I would assume that the more Tv I watched the less sleep I would get. When I was deciding how to depict this data I thought that a ratio was best as it highlights the how the two would be associated.

From the data I noticed that there was not as much of an association as I thought there would be. This was interesting as I assumed that I would be able to see a distinct pattern. from this information I can see that something else may be the real determining factor in my sleep patterns. I also think that if it doesn’t effect my sleep it may actually help as it relaxes me from all my other work.

Spinning reflection

I decided to focus my mapping spinning project on how the use of color matches the amount of intensity in the moment of the story. While I realizer that this is largely opinion based I tried my best to think about how much yellow was on each page compared to what was happening in the story. Doing this allowed me to learn more about why the author used different amounts off colors in different parts of the book. While I noticed the different amounts of yellow as I was reading I don’t believe that I would have had the same understanding on how it was used if I didn’t do this assignment. This is the main reason I decided to do this project about this. I wanted to see how the author many of through about how she was using the different colors. To construct the map I then looked at the data I constructed and decided to figure out what was the best way to illustrate my map. I think map succeeds in that it does depict how yellow and intensity correlate. Yet, the problem is that the numbers are completely option based so it lacks a lot of detail that would make it better.


I decided to do my essay primarily on how each other uses stories as a way to develop each conflict just as any author would with a character. At the same time I noticed how each other does this in diffrerent ways primarily due to how they use tone and complexity. To me I saw this as the authors mirroring the tone of the experiences they depict while also highlighting the simpler state of conflict in North Korea compared to Palestine. More or less I wrote this essay in one go. I like writing this way cause I think it makes my essays more fluid. What I tried to do with organization was set up what both authors do throughout and notice how they are similar and then go on to see how they approach that same method.

ketcoke university

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 1.57.58 AM

This assignment was very difficult as it took me a while to think of anything to combine. I ended up thinking about the old coke bottle cap and logo while also thinking about tomatoes for some odd reason. Also it was interesting to think about weird things like this. Its always interesting to have to think about things like this in an abstract way.

random buy hitting ball


This picture specifically stuck out to me due to its almost lack of being a unique or posed event. What I first noticed when looking at the picture was the boy in front punching the ball. It stuck me because of the weird situation to photograph someone in such a peculiar position. After looking at it more though I started to notice more about the photo and appraised the depiction of motion more. With the subtle motion less background the motion of the boy makes him pop out onto the page. It was interesting to continue to look at the image as it developed more and more layers. I began to appraise the changes in color and depth that existed in the image.

nice lady


It was an interesting exercise writing a story like this. the way I picked my story was just thinking about everything the happened over break and deciding on a story that stuck out to me. For some reason this story did. It was hard though to create the comics in a way that would get the story across. I tried to use words and pictures together in a equal manor to do this. I think my story is closer to Spiegalmans approach to telling true stories as I relied on pictures mainly to convey whats going on.

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  • backpack
  • math textbook
  • notebook for doing the problems in my math textbook
  • calculator for working out math from my math textbook that I will then write in my notebook
  • Hammack for laying in while I use my calculator to work out math from my math text book that will then write in my notebook
  • mous (not actually about the animals even though I wish it was)
  • introduction to logic by Kant for those times I just need to relax

it was an interesting task making this picture as I tried to think about the impression someone would get of me from this image. In many ways it depicts aspects of our life that one may not get from normal conversation. It was also interesting to me to see what I walk around with everyday and how I can see that as expressing diffrent aspects of me. For example the Eno in my backpack really shows off my love for the outdoors and the math stuff my love for math. At the same time this only expressed certain aspects of my life and it would be interesting to see how this could influence their understanding of me.

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