Be There


Well I realize that it may have been easier for more to use pictures for this assignment I decided to go with a drawing. This comic represents the story of someone who has been friends with someone for a long time and is always there yet never is seen as more then a friend till he takes a chance. Well the story is only three panels I prefer to see the first two as a repetitive cycle and the third being the end to the cycle. Well the story may not be complex or pretty I enjoyed creating it as it was a interesting story to me.

I am

IMG_0718This was my failed attempt at creating a sun on a black page with every occurrence of I and the next word being left untouched. IT did not work out well as I did not have a black pen that could cover the page so it turned out black. The reason for making this was just an association that I had with the word I for some reason. So I tried t highlight this idea. This assignment was very difficult for me as I had no idea what to do and also had almost no access to colored writing tools. It was interesting though trying to imagine the page as something other then what it was.

I’m blown away by my drawing skills ;)


In reality the process I took for drawing this was accepting the fact I have a fairly limited ability to draw, so I considered what I could draw and realized stick figures must be involved. Then it came to looking around for inspiration and I saw my wallet and took out the money I had inside. From there I just started thinking about how stick figures could interact with money in an off way and it seemed almost foolish to not have them holding on to it so they dont’ fly away. In the end well the quality may not be amazing I think it turned out well. Especially my stick figure which I believe are some of the best you will ever see.

ch3 Best Panel

I actually found the panel where Vladek gets made for Art not eating everything on his plate to be the most important panel. In this medium square shaped panel, Vladek scolds art in what we can only assume is a harsh tone to finish everything that is on his plate. This current storyline fits in with the story overall look at the holicost by showing how Vladek could have been effected in smaller ways. For example, he cherishes food more and doesn’t want Art to waste any. I saw this as important because it makes a story about the holicost easier to understand as the reader can easily see this behavior as corrilating to the Vladek’s experience with a lack of food in the holicost.

Visual Notes


This assignment was a little bit of a challenge for me because I don’t actually take notes in classes. I learn best by listening so notes often have a negative effect on my performance in a class. With these visual notes though I just tried to take some of the important topics in my Physics class and turn them into picture form. It was a interesting activity though as I had to think about the best way to show something that we cannot see normally. In my notes I illustrate what happens when you rub a ballon on your head, the attraction of positive and negative charges, field force lines, and the force between two charged plates.

Literacy reflection

This essay was a very interesting write as it required me to look at how reading and writing has effected my life. From the ups and downs of reading to a dread of in-class essays I was forces to concisely consider how everything in my life has lead me to my current state of reading. Its a unique experience being able to refinance on my avid 2nd grade reading phase and the transition I made to someone who cant even pick up a book without falling asleep.

Sketch 1

Untitled document-2

So when I started this image I really did not know what to do so I just kinda thought about my favorite animal and went from there. So thats how the panda got into the mix. I have always loved the panda as I see it as the cuties fluffiest animal out there. My love of the fluffiness of the panda made me always desire to be hugged by a panda. For some reason that manifested itself into me being a baby rapped in a blanket being hugged by the panda. This project was kind of a mystery for me so I just tried to start somewhere and go from there. I trued my best with the creation of the image. I was severely limited by my lack of use of any of these photo editing website and my lack of artistic creativity.

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