SK 10

Screenshot (16)

In this sketch I tried to make two list of schedule graph. One for Monday and Wednesday and one for Tuesday and Thursday. I believed that this would be good idea for this sketch since the schedule is different for two pairs. I don’t think this is the accurate data, but it is good enough for estimate. Doing this project was interesting since I was able to see the pattern of my schedule on weekdays.

Data Visualization

For this data visualization project, I decided to track my phone usage and specifically compare the average amount of time I’m on my phone during the week versus the weekend. In the beginning of the year, I downloaded an app called “moment”. The app tracks how much I use my phone each day and when and where I use it. The app also sends reminders indicating whether I’ve spent more or less time on my phone compared to the previous day. I find that it’s very useful and definitely gives me an idea of how to balance screen time and real time. The reason I downloaded the app in the first place is because while I was at the airport, I looked around noticed that the majority of people’s heads were down looking at their screen; parents neglecting their kids, spouses sitting in silence, siblings in their own little worlds. I was horrified by what I saw, but also aware of the fact that I’m guilty of the exact same thing. Then I wondered just how much time I spend on phone.  I wanted to make myself aware of exactly how often I was on my phone and not in the present “moment”.   For this project, I was hoping to track which apps I used most often, however I had to upgrade the app and pay so instead, I decided to see whether I use my phone more during the week or on the weekends.

During the week, I mainly use my phone to check e-mails, listen to music on my way to class, read the news, and text friends to meet up for lunch. I am guilty of using my phone in some classes, despite my best efforts to leave it in my backpack. I’m also in a long-distance relationship, so maintaining communication with my boyfriend definitely plays a role in how much time I’m on my phone. On the weekends, I use my phone to make plans, Facetime family and friends and take pictures of whatever it is I’m doing. I’m typically with my friends so I tend to use my phone less often when I’m with people.  I hate when people are on their phones when I’m with them so I try not to be hypocritical. I also don’t have Friday classes so I included Fridays in the average weekend usage. On average, I use my phone 186 minutes on the weekend and approximately 208 minutes during the week.  This isn’t what I expected the results to be, considering I’m in class during the week and know that I’m (for the most part) good about leaving my phone in my bag.  However, I realized through this process that the time I have in between my classes is brief, and there isn’t enough time to do my homework so I typically end up using my phone to pass the time. I’m definitely going to continue to use this app and try to decrease my phone usage overall. I personally feel that our time on earth is so valuable, so why should I waste it on a fake reality.



Movie Image


Imitation Image


The movie I have parodied is Ready Player One. The movie is basically about virtual reality. I thought it was good idea utilizing the headset I had since I have felt love with it recently. I did not like the outcome of the image since I wasn’t able to have a similar type of clothing and camera angle. However, I did like the similarity of dirty background both pictures have.


Screenshot (11).png

In this sketch assignment, I had hard time deciding what kind of image to create. By looking through examples, I wasn’t sure what kind of original image that I wanted to create. Eventually, a random thought came to my mind and created this image. One is a top half of light bulb, and one is bottom half a person. I thought it worked since the image of a person I chose is from Youtube channel called Vsauce where interesting topics are discussed. I chose the light bulb, not to be rude, because he was bald. I was trying to make an image that makes sense in a context while trying to put some humor into it.



In this sketch, I wasn’t sure what to draw for the comic. Naturally, I do not talk to stranger because of my habit. I generally found it uncomfortable. Although I did try to find a moment to initiate random conversation, it was avoided since they were already talking or sudden events happened. I did manage to communicate with one stranger throughout my break, but that was only when I saw airport worker waving to me from outside the plane. I could have turned that into a comic, but I believed it lacked conversation and reason to turn it into a comic. Only thing I was able to do is make a comic about my experience during the spring break.


Screenshot (9)

In this sketch, I decided to try to make a Tryptich on how I made my Tryptich. For this project, I had struggled with choosing definitive concept. The first concept I came up with was the traffic light, where each colored light had a quote about its color and last panel ending with a joke. I thought it was too blend and I went back to drawing random concept. Some of them were blend and horrible, and others were hard to make into to production or complicated. Then I came up with this Triptych where I used prize wheel to describe my process of making this comic. The last panel shows the panel where dart has landed. In that panel the comic is embedded on it. I think its minimalistic and does its job.

Tanning Elephant

I was struggling to find an object that was not too obvious that it would automatically give its shape to the viewer. I gathered all the small items in the room, and I was left with Chinese plastic spoon, Rubix cube, and a peanut. As I was taping the plastic spoon onto the white paper, I got an idea from the scotch tape I was using. I immediately saw the shape of an elephant’s head. The idea just came to my head. There was also a whale’s shape, but that idea was discarded. I didn’t want the elephant’s body to look realistic compared to the scotch tape since it would have looked odd due to its simple shape. After few brainstorming by looking at the picture of Dumbo on google image, I decided to draw the rest of the elephant’s body in a cartoonish way. After building up the sketch, I drew the final line with my pencil and took the photo. Looking at the first photo, there was a shadow on the left side of the elephant’s head. I didn’t like it as first, but I realized I could use that shadow for the sketch. I used the nearby golden fidget spinner as a sun. I thought it was a good addition to the drawing. I spun the fidget spinner and took the photo until I got a satisfied result. The elephant looked like it was sunbathing, so I named the sketch, “Tanning Elephant.”

sk3 Prompt