Recreate a Movie Scene

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When trying to come up with a movie scene to recreate, I figured it would be best to use a scene from a movie on a college campus because it would be easiest to recreate. This made me think of Animal House, and when looking through the stills of the movie, I figured this would be the best scene to recreate. I had fun with it because it’s just a goofy thing to recreate.

Sketch 9: Recreate a Movie Scene

Behold, the Godmother!

It was difficult to find a balance to find a balance between these three ideals:

  • a movie I had actually seen
  • easily executable with minimal resources needed
  • recognizable/iconic (but still kinda unique/original)

I found that The Godfather satisfied all three of these requirements. I felt like the outfit ended up looking pretty good. If I had spent more time, I would’ve made myself have more wrinkles, a better mustache, and fixed the lighting so that it would cast my eyes in a deep shadow but my forehead and checks in a bright light. However, I am pleased at the quality of the end product considering the time frame and resources available.

I nailed the facial expression though.

30176183_1015691461912845_2049298083_othe godfather image

Hold me Victor



This is a very iconic movie scene, if you think about it most of the people that haven’t watched the movie, most of them know about this scene. I wanted to recreate it because it’s a very memorable scene that has been put into parodies an unknown number of times. This scene has become a meme by itself and is something that will never be forgotten in movie scene history.


Movie Image


Imitation Image


The movie I have parodied is Ready Player One. The movie is basically about virtual reality. I thought it was good idea utilizing the headset I had since I have felt love with it recently. I did not like the outcome of the image since I wasn’t able to have a similar type of clothing and camera angle. However, I did like the similarity of dirty background both pictures have.

Sketch #9- Recreate a Movie Scene

My initial idea for this sketch assignment was to recreate the famous “Lady and the Tramp” noodle scene.  I was anxiously waiting for a meal that the duc served noodles of any sort so I could make two of my friends pose for this photo.  But, every time I browsed the ducling for noodles they did not have.  Of course the one week I need the duc to have a certain food they did not.  So, my friend had the idea to pose with the famous poisonous apple from Snow White.  Another Disney scene I could use food as a prop for.  I was so happy she thought of this idea while I was complaining about my simple duc request.  I can barely tell my friend and Snow White apart in this photo!!




Recreating Napoleon Dynamite


Ever since I saw Napoleon Dynamite I was obsessed with the idea from the title credits to use lunch foods to show the movie. When I saw this assignment it immediately occurred to me that the DUC could for once help me do my homework. Who would have imagined that? It was kind of fun to play with food in this way, as it allowed me to reimagine the credits in my own way. I know I may have cheated slightly because I didn’t recreate a frame from a movie, but I decided to take the essence of the idea and somehow make it my own by creating what could be a frame that fits in with the original title sequence. As a filmmaker, I am absolutely not a fan of recreating shots from movies exactly because that seems incredibly lazy to me. What seems far more valuable to me is understanding the aspects that form the image, tone, and style of the movie and giving my own spin on things.

Recreate a Movie Scene

One of my favorite movies of all time is Bridesmaids. It has become such a classic comedy. When choosing my movie scene, I tried to pick a film that had a scene on a bus, or something with seating like a bus, as I was traveling all weekend. I chose this scene, which took place on a plane, due to 1. it’s similar aesthetics to where I needed to take the image, and 2. because in my opinion, it is one of the funniest movie scenes of all time. However, I am not a great model; I did not get the head tilt quite right 😦 But, I think I really captured the essence of the scene, especially the sleeping passenger next to me.

Photo from scene taken as a screenshot from video

Recreating the Godfather

For some reason I knew immediately that I wanted to recreate this famous poster/scene from The Godfather. It’s an iconic movie and an iconic picture and I thought it would be really funny and cool to enact it.

I borrowed my friend’s bowtie which he uses for orchestra (he wouldn’t let me adjust the size, that’s why it’s so large on me). I also had him pick a flower from outside. I slicked my hair back and got another friend of mine to take the shot. Sorry it came out so blurry, he didn’t really know how to handle the camera.

I had a lot of fun creating, framing and making this picture. It was an interesting process, picking apart the picture and trying to recreate the minutiae of it. I had to do a large amount of editing to get it to where it is now.

Sketch 9: Happy Gilmore

As a kid Adam Sandler was one of my favorite actors/comedians, so I thought it would be fun for this assignment to recreate one of his scenes. Even though he isn’t the most respected actor, I think some of his early films are entertaining. I knew I would be limited with resources so I tried to keep things simple. I chose the closest shirt I had, borrowed a golf ball from my roommate, and used a cup as the hole. I didn’t want to dig into the ground, so I decided it would be best to surround the cup with pine needles instead. I got several friends to come out and help in the background and actually take the shot. Although the image isn’t that close, I think the general theme is conveyed.

The Notebook

For this assignment, I wanted to recreate a movie scene that most people would recognize. I could’ve asked more of my friends to get involved in this project, but sometimes too many people just makes things too complicated, so I tried to think of a relatively simple scene that could be recreated with just me and Katherine. I could’ve made the photos more similar but finding a more blue background, with Katherine wearing a white shirt which was damp, but other than that, I think its a pretty good recreation – if only we could’ve kept straight faces.





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