Mapping Spinning

When I read Spinning, one of the most interesting things I found was how little Tillie’s parents were referenced in her book. They seemed to be completely out of her life and when they were present they were usually depicted negatively. This is why I decided to see in how many panels they were referenced in every chapter, and it is clear to see from the graph that they aren’t a very important part of the story throughout. Their impact fluctuates in an inconsistent manner, as they seem to play important roles at different points in her life.04b1f16b-3f4a-4034-8304-b04ddd14c86f


When I decided what to track, I easily was able to pick something that I do every day and reflect upon. I always play Fortnite and I always reflect how I am feeling. I realize that in order to feel better and too be more productive during the day, an early win will fuel that. So I decided to track my wins and my satisfaction with the day.


graph (1)

Comparing Pyongyan and Palestine

This essay  Was interesting because the teacher told us that he hated when people in a comparative essay write a comparison that can’t be debated so I really tried to concentrate and find some aspect of each book that I could compare and someone could easily debate my claims. It was hard to also hard to write an essay thinking that i didn’t want to write on something that we discussed in class because I wanted to think of a comparison that hasn’t been discussed. I needed up concentrating on how it makes us feel and how we perceive the events that occur in each book and how the vignettes are connected to one another.

Hold me Victor



This is a very iconic movie scene, if you think about it most of the people that haven’t watched the movie, most of them know about this scene. I wanted to recreate it because it’s a very memorable scene that has been put into parodies an unknown number of times. This scene has become a meme by itself and is something that will never be forgotten in movie scene history.

Comic book

Creating this comic book felt like the first time in my adult years that I am proud of a drawing oriented work that I have done. It took me a long time to learn how to use the Wacom (which is a tool for drawing in photoshop) but after getting the hang of it, I became comfortable in being able to draw this comic book. I knew it would take a lot of time that I necessarily didn’t have to put into. But I truly wanted to turn in work that I was proud of and wouldn’t be ashamed. My comic book is sorta about the struggle o being dyslexic and not being able to succeed when you put a lot of effort into the readings and this assignment truly felt like something that if I put the effort into it, that I would truly be able to get something good out of it. This is probably the single most favorite assignment I’ve had in college, and probably remain at the top until I graduate.

My comic book


4Isaac13.333width,20height(inches) copyBanana


It was hard to find what I wanted to match. Took me like 1 hour to figure it out so it wasn’t an enjoyable task but I knew I really wanted to use a picture I took a while ago and that was the picture of the rainbow tucan. Initially, i wanted to put a pickle but I couldn’t find a goo pickle to put in the tucan so ended up with a banana.



Based on a true story

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My true story is an interesting one because it revolves around an experience that

an actual friend went through. It all revolved around him ignoring the red flags that

love made him ignore. It’s a funny story and it tries to show that someone like

Ury, my friend, shouldn’t change himself for other girls and should stay true.

Sadness vs. Happiness

The first tracing of Maus that I did resembles a moment that is truly devastating for both Vladeck and Art. The tone, emotion, and illustrations of my first trace all resemble the feeling of sadness and helplessness.  Anja had just killed herself and Art feels like he will forever be stuck in prison because of his mom’s suicide. You can truly feel the instant regret that Artie had when he found out that his mom killed herself. It makes you feel that his life is over (as he portrays with the prison) and that he will never feel ok again in his life. This is a theme that carries on with the rest of book 1 when little by little the conditions that Vladeck is currently in, starts to become worse and worse. This feeling of hopelessness can be felt even in book 2 when Vladeck starts having more cases of life and death situations. But the contrast between my first trace and the second trace is that the second trace ends the trend of hopelessness and ends the book with a “they live happily ever after”. The second trace ends the story of how Vladeck was able to survive the war and be able to find out that his wife was still alive. I simply cannot imagine what that couple went through and how they felt when they finally saw each other after so many years of suffering apart. I truly believe that the author tried to give justice to his parent’s life by ending the story of their struggles with a very happy and emotional ending.

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