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the gays

Basically when choosing how this short comic would go, I just recalled my experience when I took this picture. I was walking down Seattle after watching a baseball game when I saw a guy chanting the type of things a gay hater would say and someone that believes that “America is doomed” and all those crazy things. Everyone at first was not giving any of the things the guy said any meaning and just carried on until a couple got in front of him and started to make out. Everyone around me was cheering and I couldn’t believe that I captured a moment like this; both funny and impactful. This is what I tried to portray which was everyone just carrying along and then these two guys come up and basically tell this guy to f off. My only difficulty was being worried about the language I had to use to describe this moment but all I did was censor the words.


Free write


“This is sometimes called comic’s ‘all-at-onceness,’ or its ‘symphonic effect.’ In comics, reading can happen in all directions; this open-endedness, and attention to choice in how one interacts with the pages, is part of the appeal of comics narrative”


Especially in Maus part II many of the pages when you first open then stand out by themselves. The attention in these pages will most likely interest the reader in the page as a whole other then individual panels. For example, page number 51 is one that stands out a lot because in the center piece you have an aerial view of auschwitz. This page is a great example of the “all-at-onceness” that is mentioned in the quote because the most likely scenario that takes place when reading this page is starting from the center and then move out. Or immediately at the start of chapter two. You will probably start looking at the big image of the flies in the bottom and then go up from there. This idea in comics that you don’t have to read from left to right. This is something that is really exemplified in Maus.




As I was coming back from watching Angels in America at actors express, I couldn’t think of what I was going to turn into a sketch. I look at my roommate and express my frustration and immediately calm myself by saying, “I will simply open up my top drawer and I will find something out of the million of “chunches” that I have. chunches means bunch of things basically in Costa Rican slang. As I get to my dorm I open my drawer and find that I have no idea what to turn into a drawing when suddenly my tummy rumbled I wanted to eat something and couldn’t find anything. Until inside my drawer I find tide pods. Of course I wasn’t’;t going to eat it but because of all the memes going on with tide pods I couldn’t help but to turn this poisonous candy looking thing, into a candysk3.

Morning free write

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 10.11.18 AM



The last panel of page 54 is the most important one because it changed the chances that the main character had in surviving. He was currently in a concentration camp to a minor degree with very little food and shelter. When he saw that there was an opportunity to go somewhere that had more food and a warm bed he knew he had to take it. I don’t think that he would of had the chance to escape like he did in the latter chapter if he would of remained in the camp so I picked this horizontal panel as the most important one because it changed the situation for the main character.


english hw 2sk2

I didn’t know a lot about the memory palace that we looked in Psychology. It allowed me to learn of a new way to memories a lot of information as I displayed in the image and with the text. I created a palace and connected it to the story I wrote. Cicero was the one who invented the memory palace. I said how he would talk to clever hans which was a horse that a scientist tried to prove he could speak languages. But in reality he could only pay attention to small details that would allow the horse to respond because he didn’t actually know what people where saying. It was a great way to learn my material a lot better but it does take a lot of time.

Literacy Narrative Reflection


It was truly enjoyable to be able to write about personal experience and in the first person. I always love to write when there is no prompt because it give me freedom to do whatever I want. It is weird to write about how I don’t like writing and reading in a writing and reading class but it was definitely interesting to do so.


Link to site: https://ibdodi.wordpress.com/literacy-narrative-part-1/


“President Theodore Roosevelt Sargent Reproduction | 1st Art Gallery.” Oil Painting Reproductions from 1st Art Gallery, http://www.1st-art-gallery.com/John-Singer-Sargent/President-Theodore-Roosevelt.html.
Uribe, Jake. “Inktober Day 2: Harambe #Harambe #Inktober #inktober2016 #Gorilla #Endangered #Ink #Art #Drawing #Traditionalart #Blackandwhite #Meme #Memes Pic.twitter.com/ACuhZVMJgM.” Twitter, Twitter, 2 Oct. 2016, twitter.com/solitary_snake/status/782705301782880256.
For starters I picked my graduation picture because it takes me back to a very proud and happy moment in my life. There, I had no worries and only had the future ahead of me so It is a picture that speaks a lot to me. Also My graduation picture speaks a lot about who I am. Typically people wear ties that aren’t flashy or don’t mean anything but I wore a tie from How I met Your Mother. It was Barney’s ducky tie that I love and just by wearing it I can show what my personality is. For the body I used the body of Theodore Roosevelt because it was the nicest paintings of a president in my opinion. I love the portrait painting from back in the day and to become one is an opportunity I wouldn’t miss. Finally the Harambe in the bottom of my jacket. I picked to put him in this picture because I am someone that loves memes and is very involved in the meme community so it was fair to put Harambe in the picture. A trouble I had with this picture is that I was in a portrait shot and not a square so in order to fix that I simply put a wood background.
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