Comic book

Creating this comic book felt like the first time in my adult years that I am proud of a drawing oriented work that I have done. It took me a long time to learn how to use the Wacom (which is a tool for drawing in photoshop) but after getting the hang of it, I became comfortable in being able to draw this comic book. I knew it would take a lot of time that I necessarily didn’t have to put into. But I truly wanted to turn in work that I was proud of and wouldn’t be ashamed. My comic book is sorta about the struggle o being dyslexic and not being able to succeed when you put a lot of effort into the readings and this assignment truly felt like something that if I put the effort into it, that I would truly be able to get something good out of it. This is probably the single most favorite assignment I’ve had in college, and probably remain at the top until I graduate.

My comic book

Literacy Narrative Comic

I really had a lot of fun drawing and editing my comic. The projects I complete normally rarely have to do with myself and my own personal experiences so it was very refreshing to analyze my own piece of text and create my own expression of the work as both the author and reader. I took the time to read the feedback from my peers after I completed a (very) rough draft of this comic and I feel as though I truly captured the light-hearted emotion that I intended in both pieces. I added more detail and completed thoughts that may not have been explicitly written. The comic, although focuses heavily on the images, relies on a lot of the text to truly shape the story. Leaving out color was an artistic choice that I made in order for the reader to not be as distracted.




Creating My Comic: Final Draft

Wow, what a journey this comic making process has been. Comics were never something I have been interested in, and now I’m making them. It’s a complete 180 that I would have never guessed to happen. I really enjoyed this project. It is something I didn’t have to throw all of my time into (not in a way that I slacked off!), but I could really put a lot of emotion and truth into it. I didn’t have to spend half of my time researching and citing and worrying about something being incorrect or interpreting information the wrong way, but instead I was able to put all of my energy into trying to accurately convey what I knew. No strings attached. This is the final project, I left it black and white because I didn’t like the idea of color for this project. I really like the simplicity of the black and white. I hope you all enjoy!!


When I read the feedback sheets and had a conversation with my group, I realized that my comic was too short and I need to make it a little longer, maybe add one more page. Another thing that I noticed was that I did not change the focus at all. Also, I thought that my Literacy narrative comic lacked details, however, my groupmates mentioned that it was well detailed. Additionally, they said that even though the comic is short, it is clear, almost complete, and with good details. Plus, they suggested making it colored. Overall, in my opinion, if I change angles and distance, add at least one page, and maybe add some colors it will be

Literacy Narrative Rough Draft


The main challenge I faced with this assignment was getting it scanned and uploaded. I didn’t want to commit to the layout fully, so I didn’t use pen, but this made the pages hard to scan. The end result still isn’t the highest quality, but I think it should be readable.

The scanning was the hardest part for me mostly because I think I tend to write with visuals in mind. When I was really young and learning how to write the advice that I always got from my grandmother was to try and “paint a picture with your words”. In my writing I always find that I leave a more lasting impression when I can show things with a specific image or anecdote, rather than just stating my point. The story about writing words off of coins, I think, conveys my message more effectively than simply saying “I wanted to learn to read from a young age”. That thought process in writing made this assignment easier in that I had a concrete story line to illustrate. It also made me notice certain weaknesses in my writing. The last page was the most difficult one to illustrate because my writing became more vague, which makes me think that I probably need to revisit my last paragraph to strengthen the ending.

The comments that I got in our peer review session were largely positive I felt. Someone pointed out that I should try to vary my “camera angles” in the last page, which I don’t disagree with. I think this points to the fact that the writing was more vague and shows that I had a hard time illustrating that in any way other than by drawing faces close up. I am excited to take this piece further and I cannot wait to see the final drafts of the other students in my group.

Literacy reflection

This essay was a very interesting write as it required me to look at how reading and writing has effected my life. From the ups and downs of reading to a dread of in-class essays I was forces to concisely consider how everything in my life has lead me to my current state of reading. Its a unique experience being able to refinance on my avid 2nd grade reading phase and the transition I made to someone who cant even pick up a book without falling asleep.

Literacy Narrative Reflection

I really enjoyed this writing assignment.  I’ve always been fearful of writing and enjoyed the more relaxed writing style and process for this mini essay. I also appreciated how the word count wasn’t daunting and was super manageable. The free-writing was a great tool and base for the start of my narrative.  It allowed me to get my ideas out there on paper and then go back and form them in a cohesive and structured format. Free-writing is the start to the editing and improving process to ultimately reach the final work.

From writing my narrative I learned that as I got older, reading became less and less of a priority.  Reading used to be a reward. Having the opportunity to read a book before bed was incentive for good behavior. Now it’s seen as chore or a burden because it’s assigned which is so sad to me. However, I’ve come to appreciate reading for pleasure way more than before.

Through writing this narrative I realized how unappreciative I was of my mom’s devotion to encouraging me to read and is something I hope to pass on to my kids one day.  I also learned that I should actually commit to keeping a journal because that’s where I can freely express my thoughts and practice my writing simultaneously.

A sentence that I think readers would connect with, not necessarily find interesting is when I wrote, “Once I turned 10, it meant I said goodbye to “little kid” picture books and hello to “big kid” chapter books.”

Literacy Narrative 

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