Horny the Elephant


A professor of mine once told me to take risks that worked and for me taking risks involves pushing the boundaries of what is considered socially acceptable. I know that condoms are objects that people get embarrassed talking about them, so I thought why not make art out of it? Condoms always reminded me of elephant trunks so I might as well. I also think that the condom gave some three dimensionality to the drawing so that added something special to it besides the simple shock factor of it being a condom.

Tanning Elephant

I was struggling to find an object that was not too obvious that it would automatically give its shape to the viewer. I gathered all the small items in the room, and I was left with Chinese plastic spoon, Rubix cube, and a peanut. As I was taping the plastic spoon onto the white paper, I got an idea from the scotch tape I was using. I immediately saw the shape of an elephant’s head. The idea just came to my head. There was also a whale’s shape, but that idea was discarded. I didn’t want the elephant’s body to look realistic compared to the scotch tape since it would have looked odd due to its simple shape. After few brainstorming by looking at the picture of Dumbo on google image, I decided to draw the rest of the elephant’s body in a cartoonish way. After building up the sketch, I drew the final line with my pencil and took the photo. Looking at the first photo, there was a shadow on the left side of the elephant’s head. I didn’t like it as first, but I realized I could use that shadow for the sketch. I used the nearby golden fidget spinner as a sun. I thought it was a good addition to the drawing. I spun the fidget spinner and took the photo until I got a satisfied result. The elephant looked like it was sunbathing, so I named the sketch, “Tanning Elephant.”

sk3 Prompt



As I was coming back from watching Angels in America at actors express, I couldn’t think of what I was going to turn into a sketch. I look at my roommate and express my frustration and immediately calm myself by saying, “I will simply open up my top drawer and I will find something out of the million of “chunches” that I have. chunches means bunch of things basically in Costa Rican slang. As I get to my dorm I open my drawer and find that I have no idea what to turn into a drawing when suddenly my tummy rumbled I wanted to eat something and couldn’t find anything. Until inside my drawer I find tide pods. Of course I wasn’t’;t going to eat it but because of all the memes going on with tide pods I couldn’t help but to turn this poisonous candy looking thing, into a candysk3.

Sunday Sketch

I love vintage telephones almost as much as I hate drawing them. I challenged myself to try to draw one in this assignment, by drawing a kind of pop art inspired woman whose phone was half drawing and half earbud.

incorporating a three dimensional object into a drawing was most challenging in terms of mapping out the proportions of the drawing in relation to the object. I was in awe of how many different ways Christoph Niemann found to incorporate objects into his sketches. It takes a very specific way of looking at the world that involves a lot of the training that artists go through to learn about depth and shadow and perspective. Some of the most impressive of his drawings were the ones that had to have been drawn with forced perspective and an object that pops out of the page (like the tank drawn with a tube of paper towels. I would have loved to try one of these, but the technical skill involved was a little more than I could manage. sk3

Sunday Sketches Reflection

The most difficult part of this sketch was deciding what to draw. Automatically, I kept trying to use a “top-down” thinking process, in which I would decide what to draw and then work the object into the drawing. But I quickly discovered that when reversing this strategy, ideas came to mind far more easily. Because I was listening to music prior to working on this sketch, I decided to take out my earbuds and rest them on the page. I tried placing them in different orientations, and when I had both earbuds with the speaker side facing upward, they reminded me of eyes. More specifically, for reasons I don’t undertand, they reminded me of elephant eyes. So I decided to role with it and began drawing an elephant (which I had drawn before) around the earbuds. Soon enough this strange work of art came to life!

The Latest in Military Technology: Fidget Spinners

As I was pondering what to use for my Sunday sketch I looked down at what was in my hand: a fidget spinner. The idea didn’t strike immediately but I knew I wanted to use the spinner in some way. It was then that my sub-conscience picked up the sound of a passing helicopter and I quickly converted that into a sketch. I’m not the greatest at drawing helicopters so I was a little hesitant to choose them as my subject but I decided to challenge myself. I used cartoon images of helicopters as a reference and worked from there. I chose to add people to the helicopters to make the picture a little more interesting than simply two helicopters flying around. One struggle I encountered was how to show the helicopters were flying. I was first going to show them flying over some town or land but couldn’t figure out the perspective and details to I chose to use clouds to indicate that they were flying. I really enjoyed this assignment and had a lot of fun thinking of ideas.

Link to the assignment here: Sunday Sketch Assignment

Sketch 3 Reflection

When thinking of what I wanted to do for this project, I originally had some difficulty. I wasn’t finding inspiration with the things around me that would be cool to integrate with an image. However, I was looking at a bag of apples I got from the farmers’ market in my room and was hit with my idea. I decided to draw an apple and integrate a knife I use for cutting my apples into the image.

Though I had my idea, I didn’t know how to draw an apple. So like most artists, I googled “how to draw an apple.” I looked at the image results and drew a rough outline in pencil. Before I started coloring, I wondered how I would create depth in the image. I vaguely remembered how to shadow and used the side of my pencil to add that extra dimension. Thankfully while I colored, the shadow was maintained by the graphite under the ink. To add the knife, I cut into the paper and put part of the blade behind the paper in order to create the illusion that the knife was in the apple. After taking the image, I used the basic photo editor to crop and filter the image into how it is viewed on the website. The name came to me instantly from childhood stories of Johnny Appleseed

Sunday Morning

IMG_6917I began to think of this assignment as soon as Dr. Morgen mentioned it in class. Immediately my mind went to office supplies. I had a few ideas while finalizing my project. These ideas ranged from a stapler-gator, to a scissor bird, to an elephant with a penlight for a trunk! Eventually I settled on the tape snail. I think the tape snail kind of represents the majority of the student body on a Sunday morning, sluggish, not wanting to get out of bed, and looking at the daunting tasks ahead for that day (i.e. the grass in the photo). The Sunday sketch was super fun, and I really enjoyed crafting it.

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