Comparing Palestine and Pyongyang Reflection

I was surprised to find that that writing the essay comparing Palestine and Pyongyang was actually not that difficult. Once I had my leading idea, it was pretty simple for me to just punch it out. The main focus of my essay is the relationship between the the usage of vignettes and the styles of the comics. I went through a couple different drafts with different ideas, which in the beginning were mostly focused on surface level differences and similarities between the two books. But on the version I submitted, I found the topic that was the most interesting to me, which in turn made it quite easy to write about.

Comparing Pyongyan and Palestine

This essay  Was interesting because the teacher told us that he hated when people in a comparative essay write a comparison that can’t be debated so I really tried to concentrate and find some aspect of each book that I could compare and someone could easily debate my claims. It was hard to also hard to write an essay thinking that i didn’t want to write on something that we discussed in class because I wanted to think of a comparison that hasn’t been discussed. I needed up concentrating on how it makes us feel and how we perceive the events that occur in each book and how the vignettes are connected to one another.

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