A Simple Reflection

When writing this piece, I found that the words flowed relatively easily. It is much easier to write about yourself than something you have to research. You automatically know what comes next. I started this post with a simple outline, just to organize my thoughts and really get them to flow onto the paper. The most intriguing line in this essay is as follows, “There were a select number of books that had been read to me so many times, I would mouth the words simultaneously with the reader.” It encapsulates my journey as a young reader and shows how enamored I become when given a good story. I find it the best to delete that parts of my outline as I continue writing. It’s almost like this twisted competitive drive I have to get to the finish line, the more I can delete, the closer I am to finishing. I also use the outline as a way to stay on track and keep myself focused. The hardest part with this specific project was keeping in the word parameters. I have always had this issue with writing. I tend to include a lot of small details that most likely do not need to be included in the paper. Editing the paper and cutting out the less important details is probably what I struggle the most with. I find it helpful to have a friend peer edit the paper. It gives the words a fresh set of eyes and someone who was not there during the writing process. In the end, after the peer editing and the cutting, the paper really reflected how I feel about reading and writing.

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This is a picture of me in front of neon sign at Ponce City Market. I chose to just put some colorful streaks across the image because I just liked the colors. I think the wavy patterns are really fun which also reflects on my personality to an extent.

My Avatar


I created my avatar using the Bitmoji IOS app; attempting to replicate my face (in cartoon form) as accurately as possible. In the background I pasted a black and white picture of the New York City skyline using Adobe Photoshop Mix. New York is the city I was born in and where I currently live. To me New York City is representative of home, family and friends. I chose to put my face in color to contrast the black and white background. This is representative of myself growing, learning and exploring while being away from home. Yet, New York City and the people in it are always with me wherever I go.


Website Image



An image for a poster, that I previously purchased, on Amazon.

This image sits right behind my bed in my dorm room.  The reason I appreciate this poster so dearly is because it combines numerous different facets.  The first is that it combines on of my favorite movie series, Star Wars, and my interest in politics.  This image, clearly, is a play-on to the historic Uncle Sam “Your Country Needs You” wartime poster.  In addition, Star Wars is a notably famous comic series that directly relates to the comic themes of our English class.

When I was younger, Star wars was always my preferred movie series. When I was younger, I used to hate Darth Vader because I saw him as the hated villain.  However, in the past three years, I have started to appreciate him as a character more.   He is such a dynamic and conflicted character that I feel like we all can identify with.

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