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Header: Why Comics?

Your homework to complete before we meet again on Thursday:

  • Read over this website very carefully as it constitutes the syllabus for this course. Note that the Syllabus page includes a number of subpages, covering such topics as: how to contact me; the course learning objectives; the texts you need to buy; attendance, participation, and other policies; and how you will be graded. There is also a calendar of reading and assignments; and pages describing the major and minor assignments this semester.
  • Add this site to your bookmarks. Make certain that you can find your way back here, because you’ll be spending a lot of time visiting these pages over the course of this semester.
  • Sign up for a basic, free WordPress site.
  • Leave a comment on this post asking a question about the syllabus. Put the URL for the site you created above in the “website” line on the comment form.
  • Join the class Aula site: simply go to https://app.aula.education/, select “Join a class” and use this class key when registering: bpl526
  • Reply to this survey form, which both asks some basic information I’ll need in order to manage communications with you and also asks some questions that will help me get to know you a little bit better.
  • Read the introduction to Understanding Rhetoric. We’ll spend some time discussing it in class on Thursday.


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