I initially found it really hard to find an idea that would work for this Sunday Sketch. Most of the objects that I considered using were very big or very small, and I found it hard to either give enough detail or construct a scene large enough to incorporate these objects. I finally decided that I wanted to use my ring, because it was an easy size and shape to work with, and then I designed the rest of the image with the ring in mind. The idea of drawing a guitar formed while I was listening to some acoustic music in my room, and after a few trials, I found a size ratio that worked.

I am pleased with the final image, as I think that the ring is incorporated well into the guitar, however, as the ring’s height is relatively small, it isn’t as easy to pick out my everyday object from the drawing as it is to pick out the objects that Christoph Niemann uses in his Sunday Sketches.

My favorite part of this sketch was coming up with a title. I thought for a long time about mine, but I think that the result is a clever play on words that fits in well with the theme of music.

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Visual Note Taking

My visual notes are for my ISOM 350 lecture about random variables. Although it was much more time consuming to write/ draw my notes, as opposed to typing as I usually do, I really enjoyed creating visual notes, and I do think that they are easier to understand in this form. Drawing my notes made me think about how to break up the information more, and also how to create links between the separated information. Because physically writing the notes takes longer, it also made me think more carefully about what information I really needed to include, and consequently made my notes more succinct. I didn’t learn many new things about myself through this process, however, I do think that it emphasized that I am a visual learner and that I find notes easier to digest when they are colourful and filled with pictures.

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Reflection Post for Literacy Narrative


Preview of Narrative (work in progress)

What I learned from this task: Good to brainstorm and physically write out ideas. Easier to be messy/ add extra linking information. Makes it less daunting. Made me reflect on my childhood a lot. Strange things to think about but very interesting to try and pinpoint events.

Writing process: It was different to brainstorm ideas. Usually type down certain ideas, but they rarely link and it just clutters up my actual work document. Brainstorming made it much easier to begin the actual writing. I have lots of things I can talk about … usually I don’t know where to start.

What did you learn about yourself? I remembered how much I used to enjoy reading and I got to think about lots of happy memories. This writing made me realize that not all English writing tasks have to be boring/ dreaded. Always had conventional/ essay based English classes and so it is refreshing to try a new approach.

Most interesting sentence? (Work in progress)

My Avatar

Rebecca Tinkler Avatar (2)

Although I have had some sketching experience in the past, I have had very little practice drawing comics/ cartoons, and so I wasn’t sure which style I should choose for my avatar. Ultimately, I decided that as we are in a class that looks at graphic novels, I wanted to challenge myself to draw in a new style. I think that this image represents my personality because it is a little bit quirky and fun. It is also filled with bright and bold colours and my avatar has a massive smile. I always try to get enjoyment out of what I am doing and I’m striving to become bolder and brighter, so I think this image represents me well. This image also speaks to the topic for this class because it is in the style of the novels that we are studying. My avatar is also holding a giant pen; which means to represent drawing and/ or writing (typically associated with an English class). Although the cartoon doesn’t really look like me, I have tried to keep some of my distinctive characteristics, such as my green eyes, and my tendency to wear black trousers. Even though I really enjoyed creating my avatar, I faced some various difficulties in the process. Firstly, I had to practice drawing in this new, unfamiliar style – it took me several practices before I was happy with the result. Secondly, the colours appeared patchy when I scanned in the image, so I had to Photoshop the image once it had been scanned in to try and create the appearance of smoother block colours.


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