Horny the Elephant


A professor of mine once told me to take risks that worked and for me taking risks involves pushing the boundaries of what is considered socially acceptable. I know that condoms are objects that people get embarrassed talking about them, so I thought why not make art out of it? Condoms always reminded me of elephant trunks so I might as well. I also think that the condom gave some three dimensionality to the drawing so that added something special to it besides the simple shock factor of it being a condom.

Maus Panel Writing



Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 10.10.35 AMPage 64 Panel 3

The panel is rectangle that follows a round panel.

Vladek is trying to convince a polish train man to help him get home from the war.

What makes the panel important to me is the fact that Vladek’s character turns into a pig in this page exclusively. He pretends that he isn’t jewish but rather just polish and thus tries to win the train man’s favor. It also looks like he is wearing a pig mask which is symbolic of the mask he put on to hide the fact that he is jewish. The help from the train man is what allows Vladek to return to Anja and his parents so this panel is very important in terms of the overall plot because of difficult his journey would have been otherwise.

Visual Note Taking

Taking a set of notes and translating them into a different medium made me realize that by breaking down complex concepts into simple representations of them, you can learn a lot about the material. It was especially useful for my Psych classes chapter on Classical Conditioning as there are many elements that are closely connected although they may not appear to be so. After I drew Ivan Pavlov and I placed him into my notes, I realized that the entire unit was connected to him in some way, and his impact on Psychology was far bigger than I had thought. It also made me sort of emotional to draw a crying child, as the scientists that experimented with classical conditioning using a baby scarred him for life and caused him to ultimately die.

By also being forced to lay down all my notes into just one clear space I was able to group all of the concepts about classical conditioning and have them side by side to see only the most important parts of the matter.

Note Task

Narrative Reflection



Stopping to reminisce over how I got somewhere is not something I typically do. There have been three main events in my life that have shaped how I became an avid reader and unhinged writer. It was surprising to me to realize that perhaps only a few events in my life truly matter in making you who you are, but it is how you act in between those events that let you see results. Free writing was the best way for me to simply sit down and analyze what things caused me to be who I am by simply letting my mind wander almost 8 years into the past, remembering things that may not seem that relevant to me. The most astounding revelation that came from writing this narrative is that even though I am the one who reads and writes, I would not be doing either so well or consistently if I hadn’t had the help of a few other people that would push me and motivate me to be better.

Looking back it is hard to think that a birthday present I received in the 4th grade, a married couple, and the metaphorical blood shed by a BIC pen would lead me to create the reader and writer that I have become…



Image Source: http://bulletjournal.com/reflection/

My Avatar


For my avatar, I wanted an image that would represent me, but wouldn’t simply be a picture of myself. I had experimented with cartoon versions of people in the past and I realized that it would be interesting to try a more minimalist approach to it. I decided to essentially recreate myself in Photoshop using the least amount of shapes that still would allow someone to recognize that it is me. Although I debated it, I felt that I had to be wearing glasses in my avatar because I feel it is something memorable that I always wear.

The main difficulty I faced in creating the badge was that I was a little rusty when it came to using a graphics tablet so I had to relearn how to draw using it. It simply was a matter of practice and patience.


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